Recruitment isn’t easy!

Frankly speaking recruiting is time consuming and extremely costly. Over the years I have seen numerous hiring mistakes, and I have to admit to making some hiring mistakes myself. Last year an IoT company in the USA I was recruiting for decided to take on a VP of Sales directly even though I was retained to recruit the role. I had supplied them an incredibly great shortlist of candidates with IoT experience, candidates with track records of successfully leading teams and over achievement of sales targets. But still they went for the internal recommendation from a person with a small shareholding in the business to take on the referred candidate. Big mistake! I advised the CEO and the Senior VP Operations that the incumbent was not the right person for the role and that it would be a costly mistake. I was being paid either way, so why did I care? Well in my opinion, it’s about putting the right talent in the right position to ensure success and my role is to consult to you as to why. Long story short, the company had to dismiss the person after 6 months for poor performance. So, costly mistake all round, 6 months of poor performance, a recruitment fee to our agency, loss of our free replacement guarantee and a vacancy which has still not been filled today. We advise our clients not to fall into the trap of hiring the wrong person, to utilise our insights in helping you make the right talent hire for your business. Afterall with exceptional testimonials, 20 years+ of hands-on recruiting experience identifying and helping our clients recruit the best talent why wouldn’t you? See our testimonials at

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