With placements in the U.S. and internationally, Sunrise Chase has the reach to source exceptional talent and the depth in healthcare technology to know the difference between closers and pretenders. In multiple companies and continents, I have seen Brett’s network in action. You just will not find many firms that have the combination of professionalism, fairness, and fun that you will with Sunrise Chase. You don’t keep clients happy year after year unless you deliver exceptional value with courtesy and a touch of humor along the way. This is not the easiest business and it is a pleasure to have a secret weapon on your team for international assignments when a single executive member can change the velocity in your growth trajectory.We follow a universe of about 250 publicly traded healthcare technology and services companies. As much as we would like to keep Sunrise Chase our secret, we owe it to Brett and the team to sing their praises. I’m certain your experience will parallel ours.