I first met Brett in 2008 at a healthcare IT conference. Subsequently, I’ve kept in contact because Brett is regularly present at industry events. He makes the effort to intimately know the healthcare IT industry, as well as staying current with business cycles and emerging trends. He took the time to understand my goals and aspirations, and then maintained contact regularly all the way through to 2010 when he found me my dream opportunity at Microsoft Australia. At no stage did the process feel forced or hurried. Brett maintained regular contact through to 2016 when I left for a new opportunity in the US. In all the time I’ve known Brett and Michelle, they have acted with integrity and discretion, placing several of my colleagues in great roles. It takes someone with solid business acumen, health industry expertise, and most importantly an accurate judge of character to find the right fit so consistently. I recommend Sunrise Chase to both employers and those considering their growing careers in healthcare technology.