Effective September 15th, 2020 

Sunrise Chase and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“Sunrise Chase”, “Us” or “We”) respects your privacy and understands that it is important to you. We are committed to protecting your personal data, including but not limited to anything that identifies you as an individual. This Privacy Policy explains and describes how we protect and handle your personal data in terms of our recruiting procedures and processes. 

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal information shared by potential candidates, job applicants, and clients for partnership or employment. Personal information is defined as all information that relates to an identified user. This includes your name, address, educational background, employment background, job qualifications, CV, and contact information such as email address and phone number submitted to us either as part of an online application or through other alternative channels.  

All personal data we process are according to this Privacy Policy unless it conflicts with any applicable law, in which case the applicable law shall prevail. 

By submitting any personal data to us you hereby recognize and acknowledge that:

  • You have read the Privacy Policy, understood and agree to the use of your personal data as stated in this Privacy Policy;

  • Your personal data may be processed and transferred in other countries for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy;

  • You will not be required to provide any information to us; however, failing to do so may result in discontinued candidacy for a job for which you have applied; 

  • All information submitted to us including all your representations are accurate, correct, and true to the best of your knowledge and belief; that you have not knowingly altered, omitted, or falsified any information and that providing any false, incorrect or inaccurate information may disqualify you and make you ineligible for employment;

  • You recognize that this Privacy Policy is not part of any contract with any employer affiliated with Sunrise Chase 

GDPR Compliance 

We recognize and abide by the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. We believe that being GDPR compliant is essential in strengthening your rights to personal data protection. We treat all personal data like our own and see to it that they are secured and protected at all times. Our privacy processes and procedures are consistent with the GDPR and other applicable data protection regulations.

Under the GDPR, individuals have the right to access, the right to be forgotten, the right to data portability, the right to be informed, the right to have information corrected, the right to restrict processing of data, the right to object, and the right to be notified regarding their personal data.  

How We Collect Personal Data 

The personal data we collect or request from you and the ways that we process them depend on the requirements of the country in which the job vacancy is located and not the country in which you reside.  

We typically collect personal data from individuals that apply for a role with us. The usual information we collect includes the name, address, work history, educational history, contact information, photographs or videos, achievements, and examination results. We may also collect similar personal data from recruiting firms, previous employers, Sunrise Chase employees with whom you’ve had interviews with, background check providers, and other third parties.

We may also collect information online but only those that have been made available to the public. For instance, we may find your professional profile on social media websites such as LinkedIn or Facebook and contact you about suitable roles that may match your qualifications. 

Other sensitive personal data may also be collected such as your health, ethnicity, philosophical beliefs, trade union memberships, sexual orientation, or other similar categories permitted by the law. We never obtain or collect data about the candidate unless permitted by applicable laws. 

We only collect personal data for legitimate reasons related to human resources and business management including: 

  • recordkeeping for hiring and recruiting purposes 

  • identifying candidates and evaluating them for employment as well as for future job vacancies that may become available

  • Compliance with legal requirements 

  • criminal background and history checks that are permitted by applicable laws 

  • emergency situations where the safety and the health of our employees as well as other individuals may be endangered 

  • protection of our legal rights but only to the extent permitted and authorized by the law

Data Transfers and Recipients

Once submitted to us, your personal data may be accessed by other recruiters and interviewers where the position for which you are applying is based, which means that it can be in another location or another country depending on the employer. Employees of Sunrise Chase performing administrative functions and IT-related tasks may also have a limited access to your personal data in order to perform their jobs. It is important to note that in some countries you may have fewer rights to privacy under the local law than you do in the country in which you reside.  

We may also transfer your personal data or disclose them in the event of a merger, joint venture, reorganization, transfer of, or disposition of all or any portion of Sunrise Chase. 

Sorting of Applicants 

We use algorithms and analytics to help us review the large quantities of applications that we receive. This helps us prioritize applications and streamline our hiring process on the basis of capabilities, educational background, and ability to perform the tasks associated with the role. The algorithms and analytics help us compare application forms and determine the successful candidates. However, these automated results are only a part of our hiring process and never as an alternative for human judgment and evaluation. 

Data Retention 

Any and all data collected during pre-employment will become part of our personal records and will be retained for future references. Even if we did not employ you, we may continue to retain and use your personal data for a period of time for system administration purposes and for us to consider you for future roles that you may be qualified for. Thereafter, only a minimal amount of personal data will be retained on our records to enable us to understand whether you have already applied for a role at Sunrise Chase.  

We may choose to remain in contact with you to consider you for future employment opportunities but in such events, we will seek your consent prior to formally applying for a job opportunity. If you wish to withdraw all of your personal data, please contact us at 


We implement general standards when it comes to operational and technical security in order to protect the loss, alteration, misuse or destruction of personal data. Only authorized employees of Sunrise Chase and third party service providers are provided access to personal data. These people are required to treat personal information as confidential at all times. However, despite all precautions we implement, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized persons cannot obtain or access your personal data. 

Your Rights 

We take precautionary steps to ensure that your personal data is complete, accurate and up-to-date but only for the purposes for which they are collected and used. We implement measures designed to ensure that all your personal data are processed in compliance with this Privacy Policy and all applicable laws. 

In accordance to applicable laws you may: 

  • request a copy of your personal data that we hold about you and how we process this data; 

  • amend, alter, change or rectify your personal data if you believe that the information about you is incorrect, false or out of date;

  • demand to delete your personal data and that we stop or restrict the processing of your personal data, or otherwise withdraw your consent to process your personal data. This does not apply to legal justifications to continue processing your personal data and the need to retain it where required by any applicable law 

  • provide us with instructions on how to process personal data in case of death 

Request to view, access or correct your personal data or to discuss how we manage and process it can be sent to While we want to promptly comply with or respond to your requests regarding your personal data as required by applicable laws, in order to protect your security and privacy we also take reasonable steps in verifying the identity of the user before granting access to personal data. 

We may not provide access or not be permitted to provide access to personal data or fully comply with a request depending on the circumstances and the request being made. For instance, we may not agree to comply to a request for personal data when producing such information may reveal the identity of someone else. We also reserve the right to charge a fee for complying with your request allowed by applicable law or to deny requests according to our discretion that we find excessive, unnecessary, or unacceptable under applicable law. 

Social Media

During an application process we allow candidates to pull relevant information from social media websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Dropbox, or Google Drive into their application forms. If you choose to feed us with this personal data from such social media tools, we will use it in accordance to this Privacy Policy. 

Cookies and Tracking Technologies 

We may use cookies to identify your computer, your interests and preferences, and to track your use of our websites. These are used to control access to our site, protect our site and process any requests from the users or visitors. 

Some of our activities are hosted and operated by third party websites so whenever you access the site, these third parties may also place cookies or other tracking technologies on your device. 


For questions and concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, or if you would like to communicate with us regarding personal data protection, please contact us at

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