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2024 Salary Guide

Unlock the power of data-driven compensation planning with Sunrise Chase's 2024 Salary Guide. Explore the latest salary benchmarks for over 500 positions and gain insights into what you should earn or pay in local and national markets.

What jobs are in demand?

Dive deeper into the evolving talent landscape with Sunrise Chase's "Demand for Skilled Talent" report. Explore the specializations employers need most and gain valuable insights to inform your recruitment strategy or career path.

Build employee engagement

Attract, retain, and motivate top talent with the power of effective recognition! Discover powerful tips and strategies for creating a winning employee recognition and rewards program in Sunrise Chase's comprehensive guide.

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Career development

Navigate the ever-changing employment landscape with confidence. Access the latest industry trends, salary benchmarks, in-demand skills, and labor market shifts curated by Sunrise Chase's expert team. Make informed decisions for your recruitment strategy or career path with our comprehensive industry insights.

Management tips

Boost your bottom line by empowering a more productive workforce! Leverage the expert insights in Sunrise Chase's management guide to build high-performing teams and foster long-term employee retention. Discover the latest advice for effectively managing and retaining employees, creating a more engaged and productive work environment.

Hiring help

In today's competitive talent market, standing out is crucial. Sunrise Chase's "Competitive Advantage Guide" equips you with the strategies to craft a benefits package, compensation plan, and company culture that surpasses the competition. Attract and retain top talent by creating an irresistible work environment – download your copy today!

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