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We specialize in executive search and high-impact recruitment. Our goal is to identify the right talent and deliver the most ideal candidates to be able to contribute to our client’s success. Our tenured headhunters and recruitment consultants allow us to consistently deliver top-notch and high caliber professionals. Every recruitment search we undertake is delivered by a senior recruitment consultant supported by a strong research team. 

Leadership is Changing

In 2019 around 4 million executives have already retired allowing younger leaders to take on management positions. Leadership is going through some very big changes with the millennials taking over and companies moving away from traditional corporate structures.  

Looking for the best executives is a very challenging task and hiring C-level executives does not require your average hiring process. Here at Sunrise Chase, we recognize that recruiting for today’s executives requires a more sophisticated and advanced level of recruiting.

Culture FitCulture Fit

When an executive makes it to our pool of candidates, they clearly have the right credentials and experience needed for the job. However, experience and education are not the only ones that make a good candidate. 

Employees that fit a company culture are happier, more committed, experience greater job satisfaction, and perform better. They are more likely to stay with an organization. Employees will spend a substantial portion of their lives in building their career in your company. If they do not love what they do and the people they work with, it can quickly spiral into a negative work environment and lead to quick employee turnover. 

Our Executive Search Process

We first carry out extensive consultation sessions with our clients to discuss their needs, and for us to develop an understanding of the organization, its goals, culture, and the specific requirements for the position. We then screen all potential candidates, examine their qualifications, verify their experiences and performances, and assess their personality. After the screening, we present a long list of qualified candidates along with recommendations of those who meet the requirements. Once a candidate is successfully chosen for a position, Sunrise Chase maintains an ongoing dialogue with the client and the candidate to ensure smooth onboarding.  

We deliver bespoke executive recruitment services and manage the placement of thousands of professionals every year. We maintain an extensive network of national and international partners, and specialize in the executive talent election from Life Sciences to Aerospace and everything in between. We also provide support for the current and future success of our executives.  


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