Telstra Health is a nimble and innovative organisation that requires technology excellence. They were looking for exceptional individuals for roles in various business units including six outstanding healthcare business development executives. They needed these roles filled with excellence as a top priority and reached out to partner with Sunrise Chase to meet the challenge.
The partnership went to a well-known industry regarded recruitment and executive search agency whose speciality is excellence in the healthcare IT domain. Telstra Health knew the right decision would be to partner with Sunrise Chase and briefed them accordingly on the individual roles and the great opportunity with the outstanding and entrepreneurial organisation.
Sunrise Chase has partnered with and helped organisations around the world with successfully recruiting healthcare professionals to drive business goals and growth. Our clients have recognised the value and benefits they would get by retaining Sunrise Chase.

“What we are doing is creating value for our client by addressing their recruitment needs for technology excellence in a nimble organisation.

We helped deliver talent solutions that are right for their entrepreneurial organisation and worked in a timely way.” Brett Wagner
Managing Director, Sunrise Chase

“The search approach used by Sunrise Chase fits our nimble and entrepreneurial culture.”

“We retained Sunrise Chase as they understand our values of innovation and technology excellence.” Dave Piggott
National Business Development Manager – Telstra Health Hospitals, Telstra Health

Telstra Health

EOS Technologies was acquired by Telstra Health in 2015.

The way healthcare is delivered is changing. Telstra Health is embracing that change by building innovative solutions designed to build a better-connected health system.

Sunrise Chase helped the team at Telstra Health recruit various healthcare professionals. This included individuals across Telstra Health’s impressive solutions offerings, including patient flow solutions. HER, telehealth and secure messaging.

Working with an impressive and nimble organisation supporting technology excellence.

Telstra Health fully recognizes that the way health is delivered today is changing.

Telstra Health is embracing that change and building solutions to build a better-connected health system.

Telstra Health provides software applications, open platforms and data security services to pharmacy, hospital, primary, diagnostic, aged, disability, indigenous health, and community care sectors in Australia.

In 2015 Telstra also launched its rapidly growing eHealth division into Asia, winning two key contracts worth tens of millions of dollars in Thailand and Malaysia.

Telstra has invested over $240 million in 18 acquisitions of, or partnerships with, health software and analytics companies.

Telstra Health provides technology solutions that connect healthcare providers with patients and each other and helps improve the quality, efficiency and security of health services in Australia.

Meeting a goal of technology excellence and working in an entrepreneurial culture.

The HR team at Telstra Health reached out to Sunrise Chase to recruit for six business development executives. Sunrise Chase was retained to recruit for these challenging roles for the Telstra Health. Listening to the client’s brief, it was quickly apparent they needed to bolster their team from a sales perspective, and quickly! Sunrise Chase quickly identified candidates within our network and briefed them accordingly on the individual roles and the great opportunity with Telstra Health. Sunrise Chase compiled a long shortlist for all the roles and submitted the long shortlist of candidates to the different hiring managers for processing.

We placed candidates in roles for the Hospitals Group and Secure Messaging and are currently assisting in with the Telehealth role. The mission was to find six healthcare solutions business development executives.

Four executives were for the Hospital Solutions group that includes selling EHR and Patient Flow solutions.

The fifth position was for the Telehealth Solutions team, this business line was designed to help people in regional and remote areas get access to specialist doctors and healthcare over telephony and video conferencing services.

The final role was for the Secure Messaging solutions team. Secure messaging enables health services to communicate securely and reliably, transmitting confidential information without risking privacy or care standards. It automatically imports documents and patient notes into the patient record within clinical applications managing the complexities around security and transmission.

Driving this strategy is the fundamental belief that technology will play a key role in supporting healthcare organisations to improve frontline clinical service delivery and administration and enhance interactions between patients and providers.

The Telstra Health goal and aim are to be the technology provider of choice for the Australian healthcare sector empowering providers and payers to find better ways to serve patients in a connected world.

Sunrise Chase also has helped businesses acquired by Telstra Health with recruiting various healthcare professionals in Australia and overseas over a period of 17 years.

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