Telstra Health needed help with recruiting for roles in a number of different business units. They were looking to hire a total of six healthcare business development executives. They needed these roles filled as a top priority and reached out to Sunrise Chase when previous hiring methods had been unsuccessful in identifying and recruiting for these positions.
Go to a well-known, industry-regarded recruitment agency whose specialty is recruitment and executive search in the healthcare IT domain. Telstra Health reached out to Sunrise Chase and briefed them accordingly on the individual roles and the great opportunity with the organization. Sunrise Chase placed candidates in roles in the Hospitals Group and Secure Messaging teams also completing the recruitment process currently with the Telehealth team.
Sunrise Chase has helped organizations around the World by successfully recruiting healthcare professionals to drive business goals and growth. Telstra Health recognized the value and benefits they would get by retaining Sunrise Chase.
“What we are doing is creating value for our client by addressing their need for recruitment solutions that are right for their organization and working in a timely way.” Brett Wagner
Managing Director, Sunrise Chase
“The search approach used by Sunrise Chase is a flexible and organized process.” “We love working with Sunrise Chase as they understand our concerns and always deliver.” Pat Smith
Managing Director, Telstra Health

Telstra Health Latest

The way healthcare is delivered is changing. Telstra Health is embracing that change by building solutions designed to build a better-connected health system.

Sunrise Chase helped the team at Telstra Health recruit various healthcare professionals. This included individuals across Telstra Health’s solutions offerings, including patient flow solutions, EHR, telehealth and secure messaging.

Meeting an aggressive goal

The HR team at Telstra Health reached out to Sunrise Chase. The recruitment team and HR department had been unsuccessful in recruiting for a number of Healthcare Solutions Business Development executives – a total of six roles.

Sunrise Chase was retained to recruit for these challenging roles for the Telstra Health.

Listening to the client’s brief, it was quickly apparent they needed to bolster their team from a sales perspective, and quickly!

Sunrise Chase quickly identified candidates within our network and briefed them accordingly on the individual roles and the great opportunity with Telstra Health.

Sunrise Chase started to compile a long shortlist of all the roles and submitted the long shortlist of candidates to the different hiring managers for processing.

We placed candidates in roles for the Hospitals Group and Secure Messaging and are assisting in a Telehealth role. Telstra has invested over $240 million in 18 acquisitions of, or partnerships with, health software and analytics companies.

Our mission was to find six healthcare solutions business development executives. Four executives were for the Hospital Solutions group that includes selling EHR and Patient Flow solutions. Another position was for the Telehealth Solutions team, this business line was designed to help people in regional and remote areas get access to specialist doctors and healthcare over telephony and video conferencing services.
Another role was for the Secure Messaging solutions team. These applications run

Sunrise Chase also has helped businesses acquired by Telstra Health with recruiting various healthcare professionals in Australia for over a period of 17 years [remove double period]

Working with an impressive organization

Telstra Health recognizes that the way health is delivered today is changing.

Telstra Health is embracing that change and building solutions to build a better connected health system.

Telstra Health recognizes that in hospitals constant effort to provide improved patient care, increase patient access, and better their revenue generation capability, they are often held back by the insufficient visibility of their capacity to meet demand.

Telstra has also launched its rapidly growing eHealth division into Asia, winning two key contracts worth tens of millions of dollars in Thailand and Malaysia.

To solve the issue of insufficient visibility of capacity to meet demand, Health IQ drilled down to identify the problems causing issues.

Health IQ fulfills requirements to help hospitals overcome their poor visibility of capacity to meet demand [period]

Health IQ specializes in patient flow management software for inpatients, queue management software for outpatients, and also has a data capture and warehousing component called Health Central.

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To learn more about how Sunrise Chase can help you with your recruitment needs, visit the following website: www.sunrisechase.com

Sunrise Chase can help you acquire the recruitment and executive search capabilities that your business needs in the most cost-effective and strategic way possible.

We’ll partner with credit qualified clients to customize a financing solution to suit your business and development goals, enable effective cash management, and improve your total cost of ownership.

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