Strata Health Solutions from Canada were growing their Australian operations and needed to hire a business development manager to lighten the current work load of the CEO. The business development manager would need to have an exceptional knowledge and network in the Healthcare domain to promote and sell Strata Health Solutions into the marketplace. Strata Health Solutions advised it would be an added bonus if we could source candidates with experience in patient flow solutions and/or a clinical background.
We were to find a shortlist of candidates matching the desired criteria of roles. We quickly identified candidates through an aggressive recruitment drive. We briefed candidates accordingly on the individual roles and the great opportunity with the impressive organization at Strata Health Solutions.
Sunrise Chase identified a number of incumbents who were suitable for the role and arranged initial interviews. We even found an incumbent who had patient flow solutions experience.
“We were successful in identifying outstanding incumbents and even found one who had patient flow solutions experience.” “We were able to provide true value with a successful recruitment drive for an impressive and growing organization.” Brett Wagner
Managing Director, Sunrise Chase
“The search approach used by Sunrise Chase was a success. They have good understanding of our business and requirements. Have provided us good candidate and they are very professional” Strata Health

Strata Health

Continues to work with healthcare providers to change things for the better

Working with healthcare practitioners, clinicians, IT specialists, and administrators, Strata Health Solutions pioneered the development of powerful software tools that have revolutionized patient flow, benefiting patients, caregivers, and system efficiencies alike.

Working with a group who revolutionized patient flow

Strata Health was formed over a decade ago by healthcare and business professionals committed to finding a way of using technology to manage the flow of patients into and across the care continuum. Then, and to this day, caregivers are taken away from caring for patients to coordinate care transitions manually by phone, fax and email. They’re often working with an incomplete picture of their patients’ medical, financial, and personal status, and even fewer relevant details about available downstream options. Mistakes are made. Patients, caregivers and the healthcare system all suffer as a result.

Working with healthcare practitioners, clinicians, IT specialists and administrators, Strata Health pioneered the development of powerful software tools that have revolutionized patient flow, benefiting patients, caregivers, and system efficiencies alike. Today, Strata’s proprietary intelligent referral technology has positive effects right through the care system; we make existing system beds and programs available sooner.

In short, Strata Health is a leading provider of patient flow solutions. Patients software flow Solutions that really assist clinicians and healthcare groups in hospitals with the patient journey in maximizing revenues for the business.

In 2017, Strata Health announced it has successfully completed an integration between their eReferral and matching software, Strata Pathways, and EPIC’s Health Information System (HIS) at Mackenzie Health in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The HL7 feed will include ORM and ADT message types and replace the previous HIS Mackenzie Health was using.

This new integration will allow hospital users to send a patient record from the EPIC HIS system to Strata Pathways to create a patient profile. This will start the encounter for that patient, allowing the user to begin the referral process with the recently created profile without having to enter the patient information manually.

Helping this impressive organization as it grows

Sunrise Chase was recommended to Strata by an industry connections and a world-renowned healthcare IT industry executive and expert. As we attended health care conferences around the world including the Middle East, Asia, UK, Europe, and Australia, we were introduced to this expert over ten years ago and kept up a strong business relationship.

This individual is one of the most well-known healthcare executives in the US market and a board member of Strata Health Care. He is probably one of the most recognized healthcare executives in the US market. He is a board member of Strata Health and introduced us to the CEO who was looking to hire a business development manager in Australia to support him. Strata Health had previous dealings in Australia and they had not sold anything there.

Strata Health was contacted by the CEO of one of the local health districts in New South Wales, eventually purchasing their patient flow solutions. The CEO of Strata Health was travelling back and forth from Canada to Australia [comma] which was taking him away from his core responsibility of running the company.

So, with one client on board and interest from others the next logical step was to hire a business development type of incumbent to assist the CEO and lighten his work load and travel in the Australian market. The CEO reached out to Sunrise Chase to help him find a business development executive who would need to have excellent Healthcare experience.

An added bonus would be if they had experience with patient flow solutions and/or a clinical background. Sunrise Chase identified a number of incumbents who were suitable for the role, and we arranged initial interviews. One of the incumbents identified had worked with Strata Health about ten years previously when they were first exploring the Australian Market Place (at that time they had a partnership with Fujitsu in Australia). The partnership with Fujitsu never won any business so Strata Health exited the Australian market only to re-enter nearly ten years later.

For Sunrise Chase that was a great case listening to the client brief and searching for candidates with patient flow solutions experience. Our bonus was that we found an incumbent with Strata Health applications experience.

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