Was to find a shortlist of candidates matching the desired criteria of the roles. We quickly identified candidates through an aggressive recruitment drive. We briefed candidates accordingly on the individual roles and the great opportunity with Primary Health Care
“Understanding and specializing in Healthcare IT enables us to provide excellent value and highly successful recruitment results for our clients.” As a technical Recruitment Company, we’ve got great professional abilities in planning, sourcing, identifying, screening, interviewing and other various tasks in the hiring process. Brett Wagner Managing Director, Sunrise Chase
Networking is a key for both recruiters and job seekers on social media platforms. We advertised the recruitment effort on our company’s social profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. as official announcements. These public channels instantly draw attention to the followers of Sunrise Chase social networks, recruiting and social group. We recommend qualified candidates who matched well, both from culture and skills fit from our private pools.

Primary Health Care

Primary Health Care is one of Australia’s leading healthcare companies and has been providing quality, affordable and accessible healthcare to the people of Australia for more than 30 years.

Primary Health Care has an expansive network of multi-disciplinary medical centers, pathology laboratories and diagnostic imaging centers, which are underpinned by a cohort of dedicated healthcare professionals.

Their centers play a vital role in making medical services more easily accessible and more cost efficient, while enabling coordination and continuity of patients’ care.

It has 2,613 sites Australia-wide, 70 Primary Medical Centers and 5 Health & Co., 2,396 Pathology sites and 142 Diagnostic Imaging sites [comma] which includes hospitals, community centers and medical centers.

Genomic Diagnostics

Dr Melody Caramins B.Med, PhD, FFSc., FRCPA is the National Director of Genomics at Primary Health Care. She has published several journal articles in diverse clinical settings including: prenatal genetics, cancer genetics, and adult-onset genetic disorders.

Dr Caramins has over 20 years’ experience in medicine and pathology. Her roles have included direct healthcare delivery, research, and provision of diagnostic services at a senior level in both the public and private healthcare sectors.

In 2006, Dr Caramins was awarded her FRCPA. She was the first Australian graduate from the Genetic Pathology program where she trained at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney.

Her interests in improving patient care include integrating research, clinical and diagnostic activities.

Dr Caramins is an advocate for great access to genetic testing, and for greater inclusion of genetics in mainstream medicine through her ongoing teaching and committee activities nationally.

Specialist Diagnostic Services

Pathology Services:

  • QML Pathology
  • Laverty Pathology
  • Dorevitch Pathology
  • Abbott Pathology
  • Western Diagnostic Pathology
  • TML Pathology
  • Genomic Diagnostics
  • Kossard Dermatopathologists
  • Gastrlab
  • IQ Pathology
  • Vetnostics

Medical Centres:

  • 1800BulkBill
  • Primary Dental
  • Primary IVF
  • Primary Occupational Health
  • Primary Health Care Institute
  • Primary Physio
  • Sydney Eye Clinic
  • Health & Co.

Diagnostic Imaging:

  • Healthcare Imaging Services
  • Queensland Diagnostic Imaging

Primary Health Care News

February 2017 – Health & Co today announced a foundation partnership with Professor Kerryn Phelps AM, which will see Professor Phelps working with Health & Co to develop its brand and business while Professor Phelps’ two clinics, Cooper Street Clinic and Sydney Integrative Medicine, become the first two practices in the Health & Co network.

Maxine Jaquet, Chief Executive of Health & Co, said: “We’re delighted to announce this prestigious association with Professor Kerryn Phelps today. By becoming an ambassador for the business and chairing the Health & Co Advisory Board, Professor Phelps will assist us in building Health & Co.”

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