Orion Health needed to fill the position of Australian General Manager. They required a unique blend of skills and experience and engaged Sunrise Chase to be their trusted recruitment partner to ensure they would get the best talent available. Orion Health were looking for a leader with exceptional experience in the healthcare domain, an incumbent who could work well with the Australian executive and management teams already established. Knowing several members of the team, Sunrise Chase was sensitive to the environment and the type of individual who would thrive there. This was an extremely important factor in compiling our shortlist.
Find a shortlist of candidates matching the desired criteria of the role. We quickly identified candidates through an aggressive headhunting drive. We briefed candidates accordingly on the role and the great opportunity with Orion Health.
Sunrise Chase worked closely with the Orion HR/Recruitment team in the Head Office in Auckland, NZ and came up with a long shortlist. We shortened the list down to the top four contenders. Members of the Orion executive team interviewed the candidates, and it was a unanimous decision to appoint the leading contender for his enthusiasm, management, leadership and sales experience as well as his strong clinical background.
“We always take the time to understand the needs of our clients and build long-term trusted relationships with them.” “And that’s the key aspect as to why we were successful in placing an exceptional candidate with Orion Health.” Brett Wagner
Managing Director, Sunrise Chase
“Dave is fantastic, doing a great job!! He has been and continues to be a huge assistance to me by taking over the Australian Business completely. A super hire every way you look at it. Darren Jones
Executive VP of Asia Pacific, Orion Health

Orion Health

From Integration to Precision Medicine

Founded in 1993, Orion Health is an award-winning, global provider of healthcare information technology advancing population health and precision medicine solutions for personalized care across the entire health community.

Working with an organization whose mission is to revolutionize global healthcare so every individual receives the perfect care

Today, all around the world there are vast levels of waste in healthcare and clinicians and caregivers are not empowered with the right information to deliver the best possible care. The driving purpose at Orion Health is to revolutionize global healthcare so every individual receives the perfect care for them.

With a head office in Auckland, New Zealand, Orion Health employs more than 1,200 people in 25 offices across 15 countries. Today Orion healthcare information technology solutions are implemented in more than 30 countries and used to facilitate healthcare for more than 100 million patients.

Orion Health launched Amadeus as their big data cloud-based platform. Amadeus is at the forefront of the new revolution in global healthcare called precision medicine.

Precision medicine combines all the clinical, social, and environmental information about an individual to create a personalized health plan that proactively supports targeted care and overall wellness.

Orion Health, recently signed a five-year contract with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in Victoria, Australia, to deploy the company’s flagship interoperability solution, Rhapsody Integration Engine, across the DHHS and 15 public health agencies.

The Victorian DHHS delivers programs and services that support and enhance the health, wellbeing and safety of 6.2 million people.

The organization sought a health messaging integration application to replace a legacy solution, and were looking for a partner to help with its state-wide Health ICT Strategic Framework to connect all systems across the state.

Orion Health will partner with MKM Health, a leading Australasian IT technology company with extensive knowledge of the Victorian healthcare sector, which will supply additional architecture, solution support and professional services capability.

Orion Health General Manager, Australia, Dr. David Dembo says: “We are very pleased to be partnering with the DHHS in Victoria. This is a significant deal for our Australian business and we look forward to working with the Department and Agencies on integration across the State.”

An impressive history as well!

Sunrise Chase has had a long-standing business relationship with the Executive VP of Asia Pacific at Orion Health. The history goes as far back as the year 2000, a professional business relationship involving working together and having Sunrise Chase work with placements on different assignments and acting as a recruitment partner specializing in the Healthcare IT sector.

Sunrise Chase has had many dealings with Orion Health, placing several people with the organization over many years. When candidates were contacted about Orion Health regarding the position of Australian GM, they valued our insights and intimate knowledge of the organization. It was soon evident to the Orion executive team in Australia and New Zealand that the front running candidate’s drive, enthusiasm along with his strong capabilities and accomplishments would be an asset to the company. The appointment proceeded successfully.

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