Was to find a shortlist of candidates matching the desired criteria of the roles. We quickly identified candidates through an aggressive recruitment drive. We briefed candidates accordingly on the individual roles and the great opportunity with Microsoft Health Solutions
“Understanding and specializing in Healthcare IT enables us to provide excellent value and highly successful recruitment results for our clients.” As a technical Recruitment Company, we’ve got great professional abilities in planning, sourcing, identifying, screening, interviewing and other various tasks in the hiring process. Brett Wagner
Managing Director, Sunrise Chase
Networking is a key for both recruiters and job seekers on social media platforms. We advertised the recruitment effort on our company’s social profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. as official announcements. These public channels instantly draw attention to the followers of Sunrise Chase social networks, recruiting and social group. We recommend qualified candidates who matched well, both from culture and skills fit from our private pools.

Microsoft Health Solutions

Global Care Solutions (GCS), based in Bangkok, Thailand was acquired by Microsoft Health Solutions in 2007.

Designed to enhance the management of clinical workflow, medical records, billing and regulatory compliance at hospitals and other medical facilities.

Global Care Solutions employees will join Microsoft’s Health Solutions Group.

Peter Neupert, Corporate Vice President for the Health Solutions Group at Microsoft said “We were impressed by Global Care Solutions’ state-of-the-art health information system, which has enabled a hugely complex facility like Bumrungrad International Hospital to achieve amazing outcomes related to improved workflow and patient safety”.

GCS software has helped the population at Bumrungrad with scheduling demands, multiple languages and medical records efficiently.

In 2003 GCS won a Microsoft Certified Partner Award for Data Management Solution of the Year, as an industry-leading acute care, clinical-patient information solution.

The software system is fully integrated with 50 clinical and back-office application modules. These are designed and optimized to run all hospital clinics and administrative operations on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. It has been implemented in 7 hospitals around the Asia Pacific region.

In February 2008 Microsoft Corp. a portfolio of health information system solutions called Microsoft Amalga Family of Health Enterprise Systems.

The products include:

  • Microsoft Amalga – Formerly known as Azyxxi, Amalga is a new software category called Unified Intelligence Systems.
  • Microsoft Amalga Hospital Information System (HIS) – Formerly known as Hospital 2000, HIS is a fully integrated hospital information system designed for developing and emerging markets.
  • Microsoft Amalga RIS/PACS – Formerly known as CGS Amalga is now available as a stand-alone system as well as an integrated component of Amalga HIS.

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