Cepheid needed help with recruiting a development team, setting up a team in Sweden. The remit was identifying a leader and team members, then work with the leader to hire the rest of the team. The Leader individual would play a key role in leading Cepheid’s IoT platform development and cloud infrastructure. This team would be part of the leading Global Data Management Organization who is responsible for design, development, and deployment of Cepheid’s Next Generation software and hardware products.
Identify local talent with the relevant skills set for the team would play a key role in guiding product design and development to ensure successful and on-time product launches which ultimately improves patient quality of care and overall patient experience.
Sunrise Chase provided recruitment and headhunting services providing 7 full-time equivalents, allowing Cepheid to set up the GDMO team in Stockholm Sweden.
“With a hard-hitting campaign, we identified the best talent in a skill short market. The key to our success was understanding our client’s business and by better understanding their expectations.” Brett Wagner
Managing Director, Sunrise Chase
“Sunrise Chase delivered incorporate value and comprehensive recruitment solutions in a timely manner.” “Sunrise Chase provided great results in a short amount of time delivering the right people.” Bill Ahlstrom
Senior Consultant, Cepheid


A molecular diagnostics company, which develops, manufactures, and markets integrated systems for testing in the clinical and non-clinical markets

Cepheid was founded in March 1996, by Thomas Gutshall, Bill McMillan, Dr. Kurt Petersen, Dr. Greg Kovacs, Steven Young and Dr. Allen Northrup.

The company’s first CEO was Tom Gutshall, who held the position from 1996 to 2002. In April 2002, John Bishop was appointed CEO.

The initial public offering was June 21, 2000, at $6 per share. Cepheid stock is traded on the Nasdaq Global Market System under the ticker symbol CPHD.

Cepheid is on the forefront and arguably the leader in Molecular Diagnostics Testing, which advances health in our communities.

Over a decade ago, Cepheid set the standard for innovation in automated molecular diagnostics with their first system and they’ve never looked back. And now, even with the largest installed base of any molecular platform, Cepheid is constantly innovating and evolving our capabilities. Their technology has been heralded as game-changing by healthcare leaders world-wide. They envision a better way for clinical institutions of any size, from small medical clinics to high-volume reference laboratories and major hospitals, to access the power of molecular diagnostics. Their GeneXpert® System delivers fast, scalable, and accurate diagnostic results while their expanding Xpert® test menu spans multiple clinical applications such as healthcare-associated infections, sexual health, critical infectious disease, virology, and oncology.

Cepheid offers a GeneXpert system for testing in the areas of healthcare-associated infections, critical infectious disease, sexual health, virology, oncology, and genetics. It also provides a SmartCycler system, which integrates DNA amplification and detection to allow analysis of a sample; and Xpert tests for use on the GeneXpert system.

The company sells its products through its direct sales force and distributors worldwide. It has collaboration arrangements with Life Technologies Corporation to develop reagents for use in the USPS BDS program; Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics to develop tests that can detect mycobacterium tuberculosis and associated rifampin resistance from human sputum samples; and Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop Xpert Ebola, an Ebola test to be run on its GeneXpert Systems. The company was incorporated in 1996 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. As of November 4, 2016, Cepheid operates as a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation.

Setting an aggressive goal

About two years ago, management at the company set an aggressive goal to build a new development team in Solna, Sweden. They wanted a unique blend of skills and experience and engaged Sunrise Chase to be their trusted recruitment partner to ensure they would get the best talent available in such a small skill short market. They were looking for leaders with 10 years of experience, at least 5 of which are leading teams of up to 20 people. Core skills were needed in basic languages such as Java with knowledge of the Agile environment. The system is combined hardware and software. The software team would be co-located with the existing hardware team. The initial team would be a staff of about 6 people, growing to 15 to 20 in 18 to 24 months.

On September 6, 2016 Cepheid agreed to be acquired by Danaher Corp. The acquisition was completed on November 4, 2016.

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