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Our 20 years in the business is a testament to our strong track record in recruitment. We’ve been in the business since 2000; we utilize sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to understand the talent challenges in this rapidly-changing world.

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Sunrise Chase provides global recruitment services and has been instrumental in enabling organizations to find talent that matches the required skillsets and expertise, which in turn helps them outperform their competition and increase revenue.

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Are You a Client Looking to Recruit?

We are a global leader in recruitment and executive search. Our primary objective is to find the best professionals throughout the US and around the world for our clients. We align our processes with your goals. We use a full spectrum of sophisticated staffing strategies that enable us to fill the most demanding requirements from mid-level positions through to C-level executive appointments; from a single job vacancy to an entire workforce we continue to deliver for our clients.

Our company Sunrise Chase possesses all the technical resources you need from a large corporation and yet we are small enough to fulfill your requirements and demands on a personal level.

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Are You a Candidate Open to Opportunities?

If you are a candidate, we encourage you to browse our job openings and submit your CV. We work with international companies that offer impressive opportunities and are constantly seeking professionals to meet their growing needs.

We choose candidates based on relevant experience, personal competencies, and qualifications to make sure that your skills match the specific requirements of the job. Exciting new opportunities are arising daily and our recruitment professionals are keen to discuss these positions with you.

Why Partner With Us?

We are highly experienced.

Sunrise Chase brings more than 50 years of combined experience to the table. We spend considerable time and effort to ensure that we understand what a suitable candidate looks like in your eyes. We endeavor to send you candidates who will not only be able to do the job but will compliment your team and fit your company. We will connect you with only the best performing candidates.  

We offer value for money.

We offer competitive rates and we have open and transparent recruitment processes. We focus heavily on developing our network of professional contacts, which takes us above and beyond our competition, and allows us to provide versatile services.  

We listen.

It’s such a simple skill but it goes a long way. It is what makes us a valuable resource to our clients. We believe that people are different, and businesses are different, so our approach to every recruitment process is different.  

We think outside the box.

We think outside the box on behalf of our clients. With our many years of experience in recruitment, we’ve learned that a candidate with the right attitude and an ability to learn quickly is better than someone with only the right skills. We choose candidates based on how well we think they would fit in your company’s environment. We take the time to understand the needs of the company and the client, and then carefully select the right people based on these aspects. 

We are flexible.

We work out-of-office hours, which means we are always available when it is convenient for you. We organize meetings and telephone calls that will suit you, whether it’s before or after work. We arrange flexible interviews with candidates even when it means working beyond normal working hours. This enables them to feel comfortable and prepared, which we believe will ultimately benefit the employer.  

We continue to get in touch post placement.

Tired of recruiters giving you candidates and then disappearing? We don’t work this way. We follow up and provide long-term support to ensure continued placement success. We build relationships with our clients. They hire us, and then stay with us. See our client testimonials and case studies at www.sunrisechase.com

Locations We Cover

We have provided recruitment services in the US, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Turkey, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, India, Philippines as well as Argentina. We continue to provide recruitment and executive search services around the world.

Our goal is simple, and that is to bring together the world’s most talented professionals across all sectors. We provide innovative human resource services for clients seeking talent and professionals seeking employment. We have an impeccable reputation in providing specialized recruitment solutions tailored to your specific needs. We maintain a systematic and proactive approach built on trust, integrity and most of all fulfillment.

Find out more about us, our specialties and insights, and how we can help you find the best talent on the market.


Healthcare professionals are in such high demand because the world needs more of them today, more than ever. The Healthcare system is comprised not only of doctors and nurses but of many sectors that employ administrators, technology experts, therapists, and other professionals who all play an important role in the industry. Healthcare is an incredibly diverse sector and it will continue growing well into the future.


We specialize in executive search and high-impact recruitment. Our goal is to identify the right talent and deliver the most ideal candidates to be able to contribute to our client’s success. Our tenured headhunters and recruitment consultants allow us to consistently deliver top-notch and high caliber professionals. Every recruitment search we undertake is delivered by a senior recruitment consultant supported by a strong research team.


Information Technology has a profound influence on the world’s trajectory. It affects everything, from small businesses to huge multinational corporations, to the way we do things on a daily basis. IT continues to improve the lives of billions, revolutionize governments, and organizations, and improve the ways we communicate with one another.

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